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Who We Are

Lighthouse Projects Ltd. was incorporated in 2009 and the BrightSource brand was born.  The first BrightSource products we developed were focused on improving headlight performance for cars, trucks and work trucks.  The challenges of making things work – and last – in the Canadian market drove us to develop components that can withstand Canadian winters and function exceptionally well with the Daytime Running Light requirement for Canadian vehicles. Today we offer a full line of HID and LED Headlight upgrade kits as well as replacement OEM bulbs.

With the ongoing rapid development in LED technologies, we entered the light bar and work light markets.  Our customers use their vehicles for on and off-road pursuits.  BrightSource products answer the needs for both the performance off-road enthusiast and the street legal SAE/DOT driver.

Recognizing our customers have many non-vehicular lighting needs, we branched out into lithium ion rechargeable work lights, which are useful in many industries, hobbies and leisure activities.

Our Safety Products division is the latest market avenue we are servicing.  Industry leading design makes it easy for our products to be used in permanent installation on vehicles or temporary function.   Beacons, light bars and marker lights are just the beginning of an exciting new selection of BrightSource products.

We are proud sponsors of Search and Rescue organizations – the unsung heroes who are often called out at night to rescue the lost.  Partial proceeds from the sales of our products go towards supporting these organizations.

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