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Who We Are

Since 2009, BrightSource has provided headlight bulb upgrade products and auxiliary lighting for off-road enthusiasts and work truck owners. Since the beginning, we have earned a reputation for quality and performance.

Focused on Performance – Expertise at Work

BrightSource is an industry leader in the vehicle lighting industry. Since HID ballasts were the size of a brick, BrightSource has been looking for better solutions that would meet and exceed the expectations of consumers. After years of marketing HID conversions that did not measure up, BrightSource chose to develop its own brand. All BrightSource products combine the latest and most innovative technologies with the Company’s own unique design initiatives. The result is unsurpassed, performance, quality and reliability.

Eight Years of Growth

Leveraging our core competencies has driven our strong growth and made us a market leader in the lighting industry. Our core competencies are:

  • HID and LED headlamp bulb upgrades
  • Daytime running light solutions for Canadian vehicles
  • Headlight solutions for enthusiasts, world-wide
  • Innovative LED headlight bulb design
  • Components to protect headlamp housing integrity for cars, trucks and motorcycles

  • E Code and SAE certified LED light bars
  • Advancements in LED light bar development
  • Off-road performance LED Lighting
  • Work lamp solutions

The BrightSource Competitive Advantage

The BrightSource competitive advantage started with our development of headlight solutions for daytime running lights for Canadian vehicles and expanded to lighting solutions for vehicles world-wide. The ground breaking, made in Canada, optocoupler, deals with variable pulse modulation, solving light out messages and blub flickering issues.

The Company has also designed LED bulb bases that fit into OEM headlights. To provide clearance for the upgrade bulbs and maintain a sealed headlamp housing, innovative dust covers were designed for Dodge and GM trucks, plus a new base for the H7 bulb on the Honda Gold Wing.

Meeting Your Needs and Fulfilling Your Vision

BrightSource’s product portfolio gives customers flexibility and choice while providing quality, reliability and performance Do you want to upgrade your headlights to see better in challenging driving situations or increase your vehicle’s street appeal? Our great selection of vehicle lighting solutions and knowledgeable associates ensure that your practical needs are met and that your vision is fulfilled.