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Which LED Cube Light is the Best for My Needs?

There are many Cube Lights on the market and it can be a challenge to know which model to choose from. In this article, we examine the differences between 3” cube lights in terms of performance and application.

First, select a quality kit that includes two lamps with mounting hardware, a relay equipped wiring harness and an illuminated LED switch.

The Cube Light is available in different sizes, but the most common is the 3” square profile. There are generally 4, 5 or 6 LED Chips that power these lights. Output range in these configurations is 12 watts, 25 watts or 18 watts. Output colour is 6000- 6500 Kelvin.

The next consideration is based on whether you need Street Legal Lights or Off-Road Performance. A broader description of Street Legal Lighting and Performance Off-Road Lighting is covered in previous blogs.

Street Legal Lighting features an SAE/DOT marking on the lens. Full compliance depends on how the light kit is wired and how it is mounted to the vehicle. In general, SAE/DOT lights must be mounted at or below the vehicle headlight and wired into the vehicle high or low beam headlight switch. If in doubt, have the lights professionally installed.

Your choice in beam pattern depends on the application you need. Do you want long-range illumination generally associated with higher speeds? If so, the answer might be the Spot Pattern. For slower speeds and/or work lighting, the Flood Pattern could be the right choice.

Finally, there are the conventional housing styles and the Flush Mount housing styles. Depending on the opening you may have in your vehicle bumper, one of these should be a great solution.

There are custom mount brackets that can make the installation look like an OEM application. These brackets can dramatically reduce the time it takes to install, which translates to savings on install costs.


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