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The Auxiliary LED Lamp Market is full of LED Light Bars for Off-Road use.  It is more difficult to find a Street Legal E-Mark Certified or SAE/DOT Compliant LED light bar

In North America, the governing standards are Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 (FMVSS108 – USA) and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard108 (CMVSS108). Canada also generally accepts E marked standards – exceptions for this are found in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

E approved lights are tested to a different standard than SAE/DOT, E-Mark Certified lights are much brighter.

LED Light Bars that satisfy SAE/DOT Standards feature controlled beam patterns, light output colour, wattage requirements as well as installation requirements.  There are two general categories – Auxiliary Driving Lamps and Auxiliary Fog Lamps.

Auxiliary LED Driving Lights feature the SAE Y J581 symbols engraved into the lens. These LED Lights are legal for highway use to accentuate headlight high beam operation.  It is imperative to dim the LED Auxiliary light for oncoming traffic. Typically, these LED driving lights have an output colour between 5000-6000 Kelvin.

Auxiliary LED Fog Lights feature the SAE F J583 symbols engraved into the lens. These LED Lights are used in inclement weather and operated with low beam headlights. Fog Lights can feature either a white or yellow beam pattern

E-Mark Certified Lights are Auxiliary Driving Lights and feature a longer range, spot pattern that some drivers find preferable to the SAE/DOT specifications. These Auxiliary Driving Lights should also be dimmed with oncoming traffic.

Installation requirements

Auxiliary lights should be installed at or below the level of your headlights.  Some jurisdictions require wiring direct to the high beam, for the auxiliary driving lights.

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For more detailed requirements see our  Compliant Light Guide