Siberia Harness Adapter #270438Siberia Harness Adapter #270438 – BrightSource

Siberia Harness Adapter #270438


This adapter goes between a Siberia light (with DT4 Connector) and a BrightSource relay harness. One adapter is required for each light.

The BrightSource wiring harness operates the main beam of the light only. The yellow and white wires on the adapter operate the dual white/amber position light. You will need connect this to the appropriate power source (ie, parking lights) or extend the two wires and install a separate switch to change the individual position light colour.

We do not supply extension wires or switches

BrightSource harnesses are available for single lights or pairs:

BrightSource relay harness for single light: 72999
BrightSource relay harness for two lights: 73240

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