(Open Box) Snow Plow Light Kit (includes 2 Lights & Harness) #791000 (Open Box) Snow Plow Light Kit (includes 2 Lights & Harness) #791000 – BrightSource

(Open Box) Snow Plow Light Kit (includes 2 Lights & Harness) #791000

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** Open Box Item ** Product does not ship with original packaging. Limited quantities available

SAE Approved/DOT Compliant LED Snow Plow Lights with a Patented Heating System 12-30V (sold in pairs with a harness)

These are complete lamps that replace headlights and indicators blocked by the plow assembly.

Has Low Beam, High Beam, Position light and Turn Signal.

The indicator module can be moved between the right and left side and can also be mounted on top.

Colour Temperature: 5700K
Die Cast Aluminum Alloy Heat Sink
Tempered Glass Lens
Black Powdercoat
Dual Mount: Bottom or Rear Anti-Vibration Mount
Patented Snow Melt and Anti-Icing System
Harness with DT connectors
Multi-directional mounting for Signal Light:  Left, Right or Top
Reflector Facing LED Technology
Over/Under Voltage Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection

Theoretical effect (w):
High beam: 38W
Low beam: 20W
Park light: 1.5W
Indicator: 20W
Heated lens: 20W

Lumens Raw/Actual:
High beam: 3600/2900
Low beam: 1800/1500
Park light: 220/130
Indicator: 560/420

These lamps are DOT Compliant which makes them street legal in both Canada and the US providing they are mounted and wired following your local Department of Transportation regulations.

What’s included: This kit includes two lamps and a harness.

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