Purchase High Low Dual LED Conversion Kit at Competitive Rates#944032 Dodge Ram 9007 – High/Low (Dual) (New Bodystyle Gas) LED Conversion Kit – BrightSource

#944032 Dodge Ram 9007 – High/Low (Dual) (New Bodystyle Gas) LED Conversion Kit

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The BrightSource Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Specific headlight bulb upgrades are designed specifically to improve the light output of the factory supplied 9007 Bulb System. The BrightSource Reversible Heatsink LED Kit powers a much whiter and brighter light output than stock headlight bulbs. The Daytime Running Light management issues have been completely eliminated with the BrightSource Opticoupler, a programmed and printed circuit board that deals with variable pulse circuitry that is delivered to the DRL. The DRL function switches from high beam to low beam, to avoid glare in traffic and improve safety. We also eliminated the function that turns the headlight out when the turn signal is on. The Opticoupler also eliminates flickering, light out issues and works with the OEM Vehicle “Auto” headlight function. The pre-assembled, plug and play harness makes for an easy installation. 4000 Lumens, 6500K colour output, 50,000-hour bulb life. Two Year Limited Warranty on Manufacturer’s Defects.

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