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What are our customers saying:

I am building a bumper as I have time and materials. I drive around 200 miles a day to get to and from work, mostly in the dark. I was talking to a friend about getting a light bar for my bumper to help with the night driving. He gave me a 22” BrightSource light bar. It works amazing. However about a month ago I dimmed my lights for an oncoming car, as soon as I did a deer ran out in front of me. At 60 miles an hour I hit the deer which broke my cheap lower factory fog light off the light bar took the brunt impact which snapped a grade 8 bolt in the mount and smashed the rest of the mount. It curved my light bar back and tipped it up straight. I tipped the light bar back towards the roadway and hit the brights, all the LEDs still work and the lens never even cracked. Doesn’t project the light out like before very well but still works. The quality and strength of these bars are amazing. BrightSource is the only lights I will be getting from now on and I’m trying to get our Ford dealer to start selling them. Thank you for the amazing craftsmanship and helping keep my family safe while night driving – Cory B (May 3/21)








OMG why did I wait so long?  These are outstanding.  Can’t wait for 2nd order to arrive.
Apparently I’m installing another set of DUO’s on a friends ford tomorrow lol.  Keep em coming! You guys rock! Love the product – Jeff R ( Mar 1/21)


I purchased your low beam H11 HID retrofit kit just over 2 year’s ago for my lifted 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 from JB’s Power Center in Edmonton, Alberta and it’s still going strong with absolutely no issues! BrightSource makes some very high quality stuff that lasts forever and the plug-and-play installation was a breeze to do in my garage! – Garret K (Dec /20)

Sorry I’m not on Facebook. But my experience with you guys was great no issues at all – Pete C (Feb 12/20)


Best lights around! Run their 9″ and 7″ Titanium driving lights and could not be happier – Lyle R (Oct 11/19)


Hi all- thanks again for the wonderful service, just installed today, the daylight picture doesn’t do the intensity justice, they are actually extremely bright. I got caught on a foggy, snowy night on Rogers pass a few months ago, and my hid headlights were no match for cutting the fog. I ended up following the truckers over the pass, they had the High-intensity light bars–from that moment on, I figured it would be a good investment for safety’s sake to get a set. —The new light bars tucked in nicely, they will be a real asset for safety going forward. The product appears to be excellent quality – Patrick W (Feb 1/19)


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