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HID Headlight Kits

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The BrightSource founders are experienced vehicle lighting industry leaders. Since HID ballasts were the size of a brick, we have been looking for better solutions to more easily fit the needs of consumers.  After a decade of marketing HID Conversions that did not measure up, BrightSource chose to develop its own brand incorporating the latest and most innovative technologies along with our own unique design initiatives.

SFB (Spheroid Focused Beam)

SFB (Spheroid Focused Beam) models are unique to BrightSource. SFB bulbs feature a patented Spheroid Arc Glass Tube which helps ensure thermal stability and extended lifetime.  This patented design also restricts glare and produces a more effective and efficient light output on the road, where you need it.  SFB bulbs are marked with the European E code ensuring that the bulb you are getting adheres to the strictest of regulations.  Output colour is 6000 Kelvin.  SFB kits come with a two year warranty on parts, components and bulbs.

RFB (Regulated Focused Beam)

RFB (Regulated Focused Beam) models are the entry level BrightSource kits.  RFB bulbs feature an industry standard glass tube which is proven the world over.  Available with an output colour of 6000 or 8000 Kelvin.  RFB kits come with a one year warranty on parts, components and bulbs.

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