Install LED HID Kits : Upgrade Your Vehicles Headlight | BrightSource Headlight Technology Summary |

Headlight Technology Summary


HID and LED Bulbs are both great upgrade options. BrightSource has a solution for your vehicle in either technology, whether it is our renowned Vehicle Specific Kits, our Universal Kits, or HID replacement bulbs.

HID Upgrades

HID kits are the brightest aftermarket light with an output of approximately 6500 lumens. The BrightSource HID bulb is unique.  The glass tube features a patented spheroid design that focuses light on the reflector of the vehicle headlight better than LEDs and competing HID products. This makes for less glare and better light on the road. Our ballast is compact and incredibly stable. Vehicle Specific Kits have made thousands of drivers happy customers. Color Output 5000 – 6000K.

LED Upgrades

The performance of LED bulbs is improving every year. Better quality chips and innovative cooling technology are combining for higher lumen output and longer bulb life. The size of the base of the bulbs is also changing.  This is dependent on use of aluminum alloy or a fan to cool the LEDs. This is significant as some vehicles have dust caps over the factory equipped halogen bulb and when this is exchanged for an LED bulb, sometimes the LED bulb won’t fit. For these vehicles, BrightSource has customized replacement dust caps to accommodate the larger base.

Aluminum Base Series

The Reversible, aluminum base LEDs feature a Philips Luxeon ZES LED Chip with greater output capacity than the Woven heat sink. The lumen output is approximately 4000 lumens, depending on the bulb type. This Reversible Series features a base that can be reversed to accommodate vehicle fitments. The bulb can be indexed to best suit the headlight reflector, this produces optimal beam pattern and reduces glare for the driver and oncoming traffic. Colour is 6000K. Bulb Life is approximately 30,000 hours. Vehicle Specific Kits are available for Canadian vehicles, in particular.

Maglev Base Series

The new BrightSource Maglev bulb has an operating wattage of 45 or 55W per bulb and a corresponding 4500 lm or 5500 lm output. This performance leaves the competition in the dark. The innovative fan configuration combines with the double copper pipe to keep the LED circuits cool. The bulb is equipped with a rotatable collar to ensure the light is focussed on the road, where you need it. Light output colour is 6500K. Bulb life is approximately 30,000 hours. Vehicle Specific Kits are available for Canadian vehicles, in particular.