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The Dodge Ram Projector Light Dust Cover

OEMs provide dust covers on some vehicle models to maintain a
dust and moisture free headlight housing around the headlight bulb.

To simplify installation and provide a headlight dust cover that
accommodates a higher profile bulb, we designed specific models for
specific vehicles. The Dodge Ram Projector Light Dust Cover (Part
No. 33402C) has both left and right side applications. The higher
profile cover is pre-drilled for both high and low beam bulbs and
comes with grommets to maintain water and dust proof integrity.

The BrightSource cover can be used as long as you need it. If you
upgrade your headlight bulbs in a leased vehicle, simply keep the
factory covers and original stock bulbs for replacement when you
return the vehicle at the termination of the lease. This can save you
hundreds of dollars in ‘lease recovery’ costs.

BrightSource delivers products consumers demand in the area of
vehicle lighting and transportation safety. Our specialization in vehicle
specific applications, suited to the markets we sell into, is supported
by excellent customer service and attention to detail. With reliability
and longevity as cornerstones of our product development, we strive
to exceed customer expectations.

Lighthouse Projects Ltd. develops lighting and safety products under
the BrightSource brand and is based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.,
We are also dedicated to off road and street legal auxiliary lighting.
We supply LED Light Bars and other LED products with SAE and E
Code certification for sale world-wide.

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