Behind The Grill Install of our LED Light Bar | BrightSource Behind the grill install of the BrightSource 72120 SAE lamp |

Behind the grill install of the BrightSource 72120 SAE lamp

Installing LED lighting solutions to your vehicle not only enhances your driving style, but also improves your visibility in bad weather conditions. LED solutions such as light bars and lamps can be installed on the front grill of the vehicle, or directly be mounted behind it. Installing lighting products behind the grill, not only works well, it also looks clean and stylish. This is type of installation is usually seen in larger vehicles such as SUVs or trucks.

We installed the BrightSource™ 72120 SAE lamp on a Toyota™ Tacoma. The installation is sweet and easy and can be done on any SUV or truck, by following these simple steps:

• Remove the grill from vehicle to accommodate space to the light bar.
• Locate the LED light bar mounting location to mount light bar mounting brackets in place.
• Mount LED light bar in between the support brackets.
• Tap the wires into an existing wiring harness.
• Test it and have fun with a new Tacoma’s LED light bar.

All BrightSource lamps and light bars are SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) certified and are powered with 60W and 10-30V to render high output. They operate at an IP rate of IP67 and come with approximately 40*1.5W LEDs. This product is suitable for one harness and having an output efficiency of 7600 lm.

Your car deserves to shine and BrightSource LED light bars provide safety and a long range of visibility, at an affordable price. Shop for a wide selection of high output SAE lamps.