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BrightSource – The Best HID and LED Lighting Solutions for Your Car, Truck or Off-road Vehicle

BrightSource was launched in 2009 and quickly built a reputation for quality and performance among vehicle owners needing to upgrade OEM or worn headlights. Upgrading OEM or old halogen headlights to BrightSource’s LED or high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights effectively swaps out dull, yellow beams for brighter lights that improve night vision and reduce the risk of accidents during twilight and nighttime hours, without blinding other drivers.

BrightSource’s auxiliary lighting products for off-road enthusiasts or work truck owners are rugged and fit for any on or off-road situation. Whether a first- responder with a need to be seen and recognized sooner, to someone who explores heavily wooded paths after nightfall, or a night time driver that wants to avoid hitting deer, BrightSource has a lighting solution to fit your need.

Featured Products

LED Light Conversion Kits

Upgrade your headlight to improve your safety on the road. BrightSource’s LED conversion kits will provide bright light that allows you to see clearly at night or in inclement weather. BrightSource stocks LED conversion kits and replacement bulbs for a wide variety of car makes and models including:

HID Light Conversion Kits

HID bulbs are the brightest upgrade available and are ideal for projector headlights on vehicles like Dodge Ram, Chevy and RAM Trucks. BrightSource stocks bulbs and vehicle specific kits that contain wiring harness, resistor packs, anti-flicker devices and dust caps.

BrightSource’s HID kits offer the brightest aftermarket light with an output of approximately 6500 lumens. The BrightSource bulb features the patented spheroid arc glass tube which restricts glare and produces a more effective and efficient light output on the road., where you need it. BrightSource’s HID kits perform better than LEDs and competing HID products. Output colour is 6000K.

LED Light Bars

Every BrightSource LED light bar is durable enough to withstand rough terrain and nasty weather. They are bright enough to shine through sticky mud and the darkest nights. You will appreciate the brightness of BrightSource’s LED light bars if you do a lot of nighttime driving on country roads or off-road paths. Our light bars help you see animals in time to avoid hitting them and help you avoid pot holes and objects such as fallen trees. Our light bars are available in various sizes and types, each brutally tested for durability and quality.

BrightSource offers LED light bars to meet every need. Find BrightSource LED Light Bar >>

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The BrightSource Commitment

At BrightSource, we work closely with you to make sure the light you purchase meets all your needs. Our attention to detail doesn’t stop there. After you make your purchase, our dedicated staff of problem solvers is available to help you if you have any difficulties installing your lights. We put customers first. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.